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Who We Are

Our Mission

We believe that every person has a mission fueled by their core values.

When those values and that mission are coupled with a unique blend of what makes a person incredible, a type of voice can be developed that is powerful enough to give life to the mission and breath to the values.

To make this happen, it takes more than just the every-day-kind-of speaking or even run-of-the-mill pro speaking formulas.

It takes a personally branded kind of lift - their own competitive advantage.

That's Speaker Moxy.

We believe showing more people how to leverage this trifecta - their values, their mission and their Speaker Moxy - changes the world.

We stand to do more of that.

That's why we leverage our Founder, Amber Griffiths' vision for uncovering greatness and growing more Legends as we help speakers craft their
Speaker Moxy and step into their Legend potential.

Amber Griffiths, Maker of Legends

Our Founder, Amber Griffiths, is a Maker of Legends and a bona-fide rockstar.
Yes, seriously.

She started by playing keyboards with Erasure when they were touring back in the day. Through that experience, she gained a powerful lesson.

Well, two actually.

Those willing to brave playing upfront and full in get noticed.

But doing that without more isn't enough to become unforgettable.

It takes a different kind of magic to move from being seen to being the talk of your town.

After Erasure, Amber performed a different kind of music. She went on to do branding work at Coca-Cola before starting her own business.

Now she runs three different successful businesses: Your Brand By Design (a branding agency), Speaker Moxy (this Speaking Igniter) and Call To Legend (where Legends really are made).

Through her work, Amber has shown a variety of professionals in varying niches - from real estate to ecommerce to entrepreneurs to business owners and more - how to move from being seen to becoming unforgettable leveraging speaking.

She not only speaks on stages - others and her own - but is frequently asked by program owners to interview their clients for podcasts, presentations and shows. On top of that, she is repeatedly requested to keynote - including by those who might be called 'competitors' but Amber considers collaborators.

For a select few ... they have gone on to travel the path to becoming Legend - a place where those who are making a different kind of mark in the world take their branding and speaking game to a new stratosphere.

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